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Last update: August 2, 2023

Welcome to gorayeb.com, the official website of Gorayeb & Associates, P.C. We pride ourselves on providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and informative content focused on injury accident law. Our editorial policies exemplify our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in all of the information we publish. We subject every piece of content to a meticulous fact check by renowned personal injury lawyer Christopher Gorayeb.

The following is a list of the main characteristics that make Gorayeb & Associates' written content pieces of trustworthy legal diffusion:

1. Accuracy and Credibility:

    • Our primary goal is to provide precise and up-to-date information to our readers. That is why we strive for perfection in our pursuit of credibility and integrity throughout our content.
    • All factual claims, legal data, and statistics shared on the website come from reliable references and are backed by solid evidence. Therefore, each hard data is accompanied by its corresponding official source of information.
    • Before publication, content provided by guest writers or external collaborators undergoes rigorous fact-checking.

2. Transparency:

    • Transparency is one of our core values. That is why we are committed to disclosing any conflicts of interest or relevant affiliations concerning the content.
    • To maintain transparency, we clearly identify the sponsored content, advertisement, or any other material driven by commercial interests.

3. Relevance and Value:

    • The content we present is designed to be directly relevant to our readers' legal interests and matters. Our aim is to provide valuable insights, practical advice, and useful resources for personal injury issues.
    •  We refrain from excessive self-promotion and content that deviates from the focus and purpose of the website.

4. Professionalism and Respect:

    • Throughout our content, we maintain the highest level of professionalism. Offensive language, personal attacks, revictimization, or discriminatory comments are strictly prohibited.
    • Our commitment extends to respecting the rights and sensitivities of individuals and communities, thereby avoiding content that infringes privacy, incites violence, or promotes hatred.

5. Originality and Plagiarism:

    • Originality is an essential aspect of our content. All contributions must be free from plagiarism, and any citation or reference from external sources must be appropriately attributed.
    • We employ plagiarism detection tools to ensure the authenticity of our content.

6. Lega Compliance:

    • Our content adheres to local, national, and international laws. We avoid endorsing illegal activities or providing misleading legal advice.
    • We diligently remove any content found to be in violation of applicable laws or regulations.

7. Editorial Review Process:

    • We subject all content to a meticulous editorial review process. A team of editors and legal experts thoroughly evaluates each piece to ensure its quality and accuracy.
    • Authors may be asked to make revisions to align their work with our policies before publication.

8. Corrections and Updates:

    • We are committed to promptly correcting and updating our content if errors are identified after publication to maintain accuracy.

9. Comments and Research:

    • We highly value our readers' feedback, opinions, and research regarding our content and website.
    • To address any questions or concerns related to our editorial policies or published content, we invite you to contact us through the appropriate channels provided on the website.

By strictly adhering to these editorial policies, we ensure that gorayeb.com remains a reliable source of legal information on personal injuries and a valuable resource for our readers. We deeply appreciate your participation in our community.


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