At Gorayeb & Associates, we are more than just a Spanish-speaking law firm. We are an integral part of the Latino community in New York City.

For over 35 years of legal excellence, we have fought for the rights of workers who have been injured in construction accidents, winning over $1 billion in compensation for them.

Our job is to help victims of work-related injuries get the maximum possible compensation so that they can recover with their families without having to worry about money.

Gorayeb Community Center

But our work also has a deep social dimension. We have the Gorayeb Community Center, a non-profit organization founded in 2015 and located in Junction Boulevard, Queens.

Centro Comunitario Gorayeb

Among its main goals are:

  • Collaborating in the integration of the Latino community in New York City.
  • Disseminating technical and legal resources that are useful for Latino workers.
  • Offering training courses to prevent construction accidents.


Our integration with the Latino community includes strategic alliances with various associations that are fundamental in the history of Hispanic culture in New York City. For example, the Frente Hispano Local 79 and the Ecuadorian Civic Committee of NY.

Through these unions, we have been able to jointly carry out strategic and comprehensive social work that has had a positive impact on the Latino communities established in the different localities of New York.


Gorayeb Event Video Library

Gorayeb & Associates events are characterized by bringing together diverse sectors of the Latino community
in New York City around a variety of recreational and artistic activities.
They also call for initiatives to help victims of natural disasters, such as earthquakes or the recent pandemic.

Food distribution during the pandemic

During the pandemic, the Gorayeb People's Lawyers distributed over 10,000 food rations to people
in the NY Latino community who were particularly affected by this tragedy.

These videos document four important moments of this campaign:

May 2, 2020, in Woodside, Queens.

May 16, 2020, in Corona, Queens.

May 23, 2020, in Brooklyn.

May 30, 2020, in the Bronx.

Ecuadorian community in NY

In 2016, Gorayeb & Associates launched a campaign in solidarity with
the victims of the Ecuador earthquake and their families.

The Gorayeb People's Lawyers donated $10,000 and launched
a fundraising campaign that raised approximately $12,000 more.

Campaign to help the victims of the Ecuador earthquake.

Update on efforts to help the victims of the Ecuador earthquake.

In order to celebrate their roots, the Ecuadorian community in NY
celebrates a festival that Gorayeb & Associates is proud to sponsor.

These videos offer a summary of two editions of the Ecuadorian Festival in NY:

2016 edition of the Ecuadorian Festival.

2019 edition of the Ecuadorian Festival.

Latin American holidays in NY

When the Latino community in NY celebrates important dates, Gorayeb & Associates
is a proud sponsor of various community events where diverse cultural expressions
come together, such as music, dance, and gastronomy.

Celebration for 5 de Mayo.

Celebration for Día de Reyes.

Gorayeb Cup.

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