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Eye Protection in Construction Work

Eye protection in construction work

June 30, 2023

Eye protection in construction work is essential to safely perform their tasks. Different tasks on a construction site are known for their inherent risks, requiring meticulous protection protocols and a high level of technical expertise. Vision is a fundamental element for their proper execution. Unlike other parts of the body, the eyes stand out for […]

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New York Scaffold Safety Law

New York Scaffold Safety Law

May 30, 2023

Recently, many debates have taken place on the importance of the New York Scaffold Safety Law. There are a lot of advocates on both sides, and there are debates about money and insurance. It is challenging to navigate arguments instantly, which helps avoid an obvious problem. At Gorayeb & Associates, we believe that anything keeps […]

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Safety Equipment Needed on Elevated Sites in Construction Work

Safety equipment needed on elevated sites in construction work

April 27, 2023

Personal protective equipment consists of a series of safety elements that every worker must use when performing their tasks to prevent construction accidents. This personal protective equipment (known in the workplace as PPE) varies depending on the specific task the worker is required to perform on the construction site. The more complex and risky the […]

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Adequate Protection When Working With a Table Saw

Adequate Protection When Working With a Table Saw

March 29, 2023

Working with a table saw is an essential aspect of construction sites. The power and cutting depth of table saws make them one of the most useful tools for quick and efficient work on various types of wood, and they can even handle materials like metal, plastic, or aluminum. Carpenters and cabinet makers use them […]

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