3 Cases of Ladder Fall Accidents Resulting in Millions of Dollars in Compensation

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If you work in construction and have suffered an accident falling from a broken, unsafe or unstable ladder, a team of ladder fall lawyers can be your best ally in helping you get the compensation you deserve. You are entitled to be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, your pain and suffering as a result of your injuries and the changes that occurred in your life as a result of that treatment and pain.

Construction workers face multiple hazards in their work areas, including the risk of injury from falling from heights. Ladder-related accidents are very common and often occur due to lack of protection, defective ladders, and failure to secure ladders to prevent movement.

It is important to note that safety measures are not the responsibility of the workers. The law requires the owner and contractor to ensure that safety protocol is followed on construction sites to prevent a ladder fall. If you have suffered a ladder fall injury, Gorayeb, The People’s Lawyers can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Here are the 3 most recent cases of ladder fall accidents resulting in millions of dollars in compensation.

Ecuadorian construction worker wins $11 million after workplace accident

A man of Ecuadorian nationality suffered severe injuries after falling from a ladder while working on a construction site for a new building in Brooklyn, New York.

The plaintiff reported the accident and explained that the base of the ladder had slipped, causing both the ladder and him to fall to the ground. According to medical reports after the incident, the man had to undergo surgery multiple times, as he fractured both arms and suffered neck injuries.

He contacted Gorayeb ladder fall accident lawyers, The People’s Lawyers, who advised him on every legal step of his claim. The court in Kings County issued a verdict awarding $11,000,000 to the worker’s compensation.

Puerto Rican worker wins $10 million for work-related injury

A Puerto Rican worker fell from a ladder while working at a construction site. He was reportedly installing ceiling fans when the accident happened.

No one was holding the ladder to prevent movement and prevent him from falling. As a result, the man fractured his arms and wrists, requiring medical treatment, lost wages for days of missed work and multiple surgeries.

Gorayeb ladder fall accident lawyers, Los Abogados del Pueblo assisted the plaintiff with his legal process in seeking compensation and obtaining the benefits he was entitled to as a result of his work injury. As a result, a $10,000,000 settlement was achieved in Bronx County Court.

Mexican worker wins $7 million after construction site accident

An undocumented Mexican electrician suffered serious injuries and wounds when he fell from a ladder while working on a construction site for a building in Manhattan.

After the incident, the man had to undergo multiple surgeries due to fractures to his skull, facial fractures, injuries to his back, shoulders, neck and knees.

Gorayeb, The People’s Attorneys specializing in ladder fall accidents assisted the plaintiff through all stages of his process to obtain compensation for his injuries. As a result, a settlement of $7,000,000 was reached.

“100% Guaranteed Construction Accident Lawyers. I had an accident at work and thanks to Christopher Gorayeb and his team of lawyers they won fair compensation for me to have a better future,” said the plaintiff.

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Ladder Labor Law

Worker injured with a ladder

It is important to know that the responsibility for accidents resulting from a fall from a defective, unguarded or improperly installed ladder does not rest with the workers. Under New York Labor Law § 240 (1), commonly known as the “Scaffold Law,” contractors and owners must ensure safe and adequate practices, safety equipment, and safe spaces for their workers.

The central purpose of the Scaffolding Act is to protect workers and other workers exposed to risks related to work in elevated areas or at heights. Site managers or construction companies must ensure that ladders are in optimal condition to prevent falls or other accidents.

In addition, New York Labor Law § 241 (6), along with the New York Industrial Code, includes some rules that apply to ladders.

The Industrial Code states that employers must ensure that all ladders are maintained in good condition and prohibit the use of ladders if they are broken or have any defect that may cause them to fail. Another provision states that any ladder used as a regular means of access between floors or different levels in a building or structure must be properly nailed or otherwise secured.

For that reason, if you or someone you know was injured as a result of a fall from a defective, improperly installed or unprotected ladder while performing construction work, ladder fall accident lawyers can help you establish a claim for fair compensation.

We can help if you were injured in a fall down stairs accident

Gorayeb, People’s Attorneys can help you or a loved one if you were injured in a ladder fall accident or other type of construction site accident.

Annual reports on workplace accidents show that construction workers end up involved in accidents due to defective ladders or ladders collapsing to the ground.

The most common accidents occur due to collapsing scaffolding, defective harnesses, improperly installed, unsecured or poorly maintained ladders, among others. Such accidents can result in fractures, injuries to their joints or limbs and, in the most serious cases, brain injuries or even death.

Construction workers have been provided with different protections for work on scaffolds, ladders and other elevated platforms through the Labour Law. Therefore, owners and contractors have an obligation to ensure that their personnel are provided with adequate fall and fall protection equipment.

For workers working at elevated heights, the company must ensure that all workers have helmets, goggles and other personal protective equipment. In addition, employers and managers must ensure that ladders and scaffolding are safe and secure by installing harnesses and systems designed to prevent workers from falling.

If your employer is not in compliance and you or a family member suffers an injury or injury in the workplace, consult with the ladder fall accident lawyers at Gorayeb, The People’s Lawyers. Our team helps you analyze the facts related to your accident to determine whether you should pursue a workers’ compensation claim alone and/or file a separate lawsuit to obtain compensation for lost wages, damages to your physical and mental health, and your pain and suffering.

Contact Gorayeb, The People’s Attorneys for a free consultation and get the help you need to get the compensation you and your family deserve.

If you or someone you know has been injured on a construction site call Gorayeb & Associates at 212-267-9222 for a free consultation.

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