5 Examples of Negligence on Construction Sites

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics show that construction is one of the most dangerous work sectors due to its high accident rate.

Workers are aware of the risks associated with their trade, but they often rely on their employers and subcontractors, who are legally responsible for implementing measures and regulations to ensure their safety at work. However, not all companies or contractors comply with the laws established to protect their staff.

Due to negligence on construction sites or failure to comply with federal safety standards, employees can suffer permanent, disabling or fatal injuries. For that reason, it is important to know the hazards you may face if you work for the industry.

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Most common accidents due to negligence on construction sites

Despite national compliance standards set by OSHA to reduce workplace incidents, some contractors ignore the safety measures and inspections necessary to ensure the safety of their workers.

In this regard, the most common accidents on construction sites are usually the following:

  1. Falls, including falls from heights or scaffolding.
  2. Blows with objects.
  3. Jamming between machines or equipment such as forklifts. (is there another word you can use instead of jamming?)
  4. Electrocutions.
  5. Burns or injuries from contact with hazardous substances.


  1. Falls

Among the most common negligent accidents on construction sites are falls, accounting for around 40% of fatalities related to incidents in the industry. Many such incidents occur when there are failures on the part of the contractor to ensure the safety and security of his employees.

The most common cause is the lack of fall protection from heights. If employers ignore recommendations and fail to provide guardrails, toe boards, floor hole guards, harnesses, machine guards or safety cables, workers could suffer serious accidents.

In other cases, inadequate inspections and failure to detect defects in scaffolding can lead to incidents involving slippery surfaces, planks giving way, exposure to falling objects, among others.

Worker injured by fall
  1. Knocks with objects

Object strikes are among the most frequent accidents in the construction industry. Mostly, incidents in this category occur when contractors do not properly block off potentially hazardous areas and do not comply with safety measures when handling heavy objects or at great heights.

Tools such as ladders must not only be clean and in perfect condition, but also well secured. In addition, it is essential to have personnel trained to handle the equipment, hold it and prevent it from falling or becoming dislodged, which could seriously injure workers.

  1. Jamming between machines or equipment(is there another word you can use instead of jamming?)


When employers fail to provide adequate safety guards for machines, these devices or heavy equipment can injure their operator or the workers around them, especially if they get caught between them.

In some cases, contractors fail to properly train operators of machinery or vehicles, increasing the risk of accidents due to improper handling of equipment. The most common construction site negligence cases in this category are forklift-related incidents.

Worker injured on a construction site


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  1. Electrocutions 

An employee can be injured or seriously injured by electric shock. Usually, these accidents happen when the employer or contractor ignores laws for lockout/tagout of hazardous electrical sources.

OSHA requires companies to provide adequate protection against electrocution, electrical fires and electric shock to their workers, which can cause burns, fractures, wounds and other serious injuries.

Employers should also constantly check and inspect electrical systems within construction sites to ensure that they are in good condition and have been properly designed to prevent accidents.

However, many contractors do not comply with regulations and do not protect their workers from the risks of working near sources of electricity or energised cables.

Hazardous electrical sources.

  1. Burns or injuries due to contact with hazardous substances

Workers on construction sites can also suffer serious or fatal injuries from accidents related to improper handling of hazardous substances. Some jobs in the industry require workers to use chemicals or products that are potentially toxic to the human body.

Therefore, it is the duty of the contractor to provide all necessary tools to prevent incidents of misuse or misapplication. Federal safety regulations require employers to ensure proper labelling of hazardous chemicals and to provide training on their handling.

However, many ignore chemical identification regulations, fail to provide protective equipment and fail to properly educate their employees on chemical handling, leaving their workers at risk of accidents such as severe burns, disabling injuries and fatalities.


Why it is important to contact a lawyer in case of construction negligence

Negligence in the workplace can take many forms but, regardless of their type or source, they can all cause critical or fatal accidents. For that reason, it is extremely important to contact a lawyer if you suspect that your employer is not complying with safety regulations or if you have suffered an accident because of a failure to comply with safety regulations.

Generally, there are many parties involved in construction projects, which makes it difficult for employees or family members affected by someone else’s negligence to determine which entities or persons are responsible for the accident. In this scenario, a group of specialists will be your best ally in initiating a legal process to seek compensation.


Why hire Gorayeb and his people’s lawyers to review your case


Gorayeb, The People’s Attorneys, works hard for the benefit of its clients, always aiming for justice for victims of construction accidents. The lawyers have been perfectly trained to address your concerns and assist you in the legal proceedings related to your case.

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