Building Demolition Accident in New York

Demolition work can mean that material and debris can become unsafe when removed and can expose structural problems in a building leading to the sudden collapse of walls or ceilings.

Because of this and other hazards of demolition work, New York law requires that workers be provided with personal protective equipment during any demolition work. When the correct equipment is not provided or that equipment is inadequate and an injury occurs, the owner and general contractor may be liable even if they were not the injured worker’s direct employer.‍

Demolition Laws and Regulations

‍New York laws and regulations require that demolition of walls and partitions be done in a systematic manner and that walls, chimneys, and other parts of any building or structure not be left unprotected in such a condition that the parts will fall, collapse, or weaken due to wind or vibration.

Demolition accidents can involve falls from ladders or scaffolding that workers are using to perform demolition work.

A lawsuit can be brought against property owners and general contractors if a worker is injured due to falling objects, or a fall from a height because they were not provided with properly secured ladders and scaffolding, or adequate protection from fall or material hazards.

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