Roof Collapse Accident in New York

Building and roof collapses can occur at various times during a construction project and can cause catastrophic injuries to the workers involved.

When proper safety procedures and equipment are not followed, buildings and roofs in a partial state of construction or demolition create hazardous conditions and risks for workers.

If a worker is injured due to a building or roof collapse, he or she can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for his or her injuries from the owner and general contractor for violations of New York Labor Law.

New York Law and Regulations

For example, New York laws and regulations require that walls, chimneys, and other parts of buildings or structures not be left unprotected in such a condition that the parts fall, collapse, or weaken due to wind or vibration.

Whether the accident is due to lack of adequate support or reinforcement, falling objects, compromised structural integrity, or improper demolition practices, when a wall or ceiling collapses, something was terribly wrong.

‍If proper procedures are not followed, or if a worker falls or is struck by falling debris without proper safety equipment being provided, the injured worker can establish a claim for fair compensation for his or her injuries.

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