Machinery Accident in New York

Defective machines can endanger a worker’s life. New York law requires owners and general contractors and their agents to ensure that workers have safe places to work and to include specific requirements regarding forklifts.

For example, in New York, it is prohibited to overload a forklift beyond its rated capacity, and a forklift cannot be used while workers are standing on forks. Other regulations prohibit forklift use in areas where the ground surface is uneven and may affect the stability of the forklift.

As with other means of transporting and lifting material, it is absolutely important that any load on a forklift truck is stable and properly secured to prevent material from falling and striking workers.

A worker injured after being struck by a forklift or by unstable loads falling from a forklift can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for his or her injuries due to a failure to follow proper safety rules.

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